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What good looks like, and how success in measured
  1. Design
    Layout adheres to design principles and respectful of the brand guidelines
  2. Avoid using multiple columns
    Keep designs clean and easy to scan for all viewports by using a single column layout
  3. Minimise the forms
    Make the process efficient and mitigate any duplication
  4. Minimise typing
    Use the right keyboard for mobile, auto pre-fill, card recognition, etc
  5. Offer field focus
    Sign-post and orientate users on the page
  6. Meaningful pop-overs
    Provide users prompts to migitage confusion and potential mistakes
  7. Offer validation on the go
    Sign-post mandatory fields and support users with real time errors
  8. Allow passwords to be visible
    Allow the option to mask instead
  9. Let users know where they are
    Provide a clear path to completion, improve orientation and an easy way back
  10. Ensure the contents for each step are responsive
    Horizontal space is limited for mobiles, a vertical progress tracker is preferred.
  11. Optimise the page layout
    Reduce cognitive load using clickable elements where possible
  12. Follow through
    Let users know once they've completed and reinforce trust signals